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South Lindhurst aims to create socially responsible, critical thinkers that are equipped with the academic and social skills required to succeed in the technologically rigorous world.


1.  By meeting students where they are academically when they come to us, we are able to help students gain the skills that will be required to gain high level standard mastery. The level of rigor we expect remains constant, but the diversification of essential skills to accomplish these tasks must be retaught to gain mastery in many situations.

2. By providing flexible learning hours, in a smaller more targeted environment we are better able to remediate at-risk students. Our sessions are determined by individual academic/credit needs. Educational settings are kept between 12- 20 learners to maintain a high level of engagement and support.  

3. By providing links to community through guest speakers from all possible post-secondary options students become aware and empowered to their options after high school. Our students are walked through the FAFSA, helped to find a post-secondary plan via guest speakers from: local Junior colleges, trade and tech schools, military recruiters as well as local professionals. Students are encouraged to "give back" and "get involved" in their school and community.  Community service is an excellent avenue for self development, affirmation and fulfillment.  

4. By providing rigorous, technologically relevant expectations that are supported by a diversified fluent curriculum, and access to various forms of technology and applications; students are able to remediate lost credits, and develop skills that will allow them to be successful lifelong learners.

5.  We take the time to get to know the individual.  Every person possesses specific strengths and talents that need to be identified, utilized, and expanded upon.  Through relationship building, built in guidance support periods each week, and community relationships we will guide our students through this self-actualization process so they are college or career ready.

Educational Philosophy

South Lindhurst's educational philosophy is  “Many path's, one journey”. To us at South, this means that as lifelong learners and humans we are all on the same journey. That journey ends in the fulfillment of our lifelong learning. Along that journey some individuals move slower, others encounter roadblocks or mitigating factors that change the path that they are on. Others flow smoothly through their education.  Our philosophy is that with the correct targeted interventions that our students can catch up on their first part of this journey, and while they took a different path to reach completion of their primary education, they can continue on their journey prepared with the skills needed to pursue their individual talents.  

Expected School-Wide Learning Results

Based on our stated mission and vision, coupled with the core values of our staff and district we have established the following results. SLHS students will develop skills in the following regions:

Achievement ESLR's
*  Mastery of standards based curriculum
*  Passing the CAHSEE 
*  Meeting credit requirements toward graduation

Character ESLR's
*  High attendance rate
*  Participation in extracurricular opportunities & community service
*  Positive decision making

Transition ESLR's
*  Identify talents and strengths
*  College and Career inventory, exploration and preparation
*  Technology literacy

We believe that South Lindhurst offers the right balance of flexibility and rigor. We have a beautiful campus that was designed, planted and maintained by our students. If you are looking for a second family, South Lindhurst welcomes you!